What is best for soling : Brick or Stone ?

What is Soling?

The word “ Soling “ is derived from “ Sole” meaning a base on which something rests. Soling is the bottom-most layer below the foundation of building, road, rail or in any kind of civil structure. It is one of the most common techniques used for soil stabilization. In other words, It is the main base of the foundation’s layer on which the whole structure is built and withstand the collapse of the structure.

Brick soling
Stone Soling


Engineering Aspect of Soling?

“Soling basically a process that takes place in the field if the strata are porous.” Porous strata are definitely useful for permeability but if the end of the strata and bed of strata are impermeable than the pore water pressure is generated and there is no drainage outlet, so in results, it leads to taking the solid above on Normal level. The Very Purpose of soling is to rest the upper crust of road or floor to withstand the elastic deformation of account of the load to come. Soling thickness is designed on the soil properties of Subgrade (Subgrade means the artificially prepared layer of earth which lies immediately beneath the foundation).

What is the process of soling?

  • Material quality: The Stone and First class brick should have good compressive strength. Fine sand is also necessary.
  • Compaction of Sub-soil: Brick or Stone are placed on soil of the sand bed. Before placing bricks, check that the bed is compacted by hand rammer and sprinkling water.
  • Leveling of bed: Check the compacted surface of the bed is leveled properly. Also check the bed surface is at the desired level.
  • Frog Marking (if Brick): Check the frog mark of bricks are kept upward direction so that it can make the bond with future concrete.
  • Joint filling: Check the joints are filled with sand and make sure water is not being used for flushing sand from brick surface.
  • Surface Level: Check the finish surface level to make sure it has been made at the desired level.

What is best for soling: Brick or Stone?

Generally, Stone and brick are used for the soling. The other waste construction material is also likely to be used for soling. The soling thickness varies from 25mm to – 600mm depends upon the types of construction. For, Building construction should have the thickness 100mm -150mm for soling. Stone is a better option because the compressive strength of the stone is much higher than brick.

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