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Complete Engineering Solution: Building our nation.

G.R. Consulting has been established to render engineering consultancy service for various development activities in the country which includes civil engineering planning, infrastructure development, engineering research, training and loss assessment, assessment of property and other development activities adopting an international standard of professional practice. G.R. Design and Builder is committed to providing excellence as a consultant company in national areas for providing counseling services to development projects. To cover various activities, the firm will be mobilizing competent and promising professionals and support specialist can offer their skill and expertise to accomplish the assigned task within a given time frame for the best satisfaction of the client.

It is a multidisciplinary professional counseling consultancy, which is involved in the process of making our nation better place for living by covering all the professional activities in the field of planning, designing and efficient service delivering.


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Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey


Dr. Nawa Raj Khatiwada

Dr. Nawa Raj Khatiwada


Kumud Raj Kafle

Dr. Kumud Raj Kafle


Our Expert Team

Gobinda Baniya

Director & Civil Engineering Specialist

Pritam Bogati

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Rajiv Giri

Managing Director &